What is Read It! Children’s Book Club?

Read It! Children’s Book Club is a weekly, term-time book club for Key Stage 2 children (from Years 3-6). It offers a fantastic opportunity for children who have a passion for books and reading to come together to share their love of books and engage in fun, book-related activities, guided by an enthusiastic and experienced primary school teacher.

What are the aims of Read It! Children’s Book Club?

Children love to talk about books and this club aims to foster a vibrant, young reading community where children can discuss books with a group of peers and explore the themes, ideas and characters in depth. They will also have the opportunity to participate in various creative activities centred around the chosen books. 

Each half-term we will focus on a different book, which book clubbers will be given at the first meeting. During each session we will read set chapters together, discuss and debate what we have read, explore important topics and have some bookish fun!  At the end of each session, the children will be given a few chapters to read at home, ready to share their thoughts, insights and opinions when we meet the following week.

The book club will also serve as an opportunity for book clubbers to socialise and engage in informal book chat, share their own recommendations and discover new books with like-minded children.

What reading age will the books be for?

Read It! Children’s Book Club is aimed at Key Stage 2 children from Years 3 to 6 who are fluent and independent readers. All book clubbers will be at different reading levels and although we endeavour to select texts that will suit everyone, there may be some books that children find harder than others. The book club will be an inclusive and supportive environment and the suggested reading age for each focus book will be made clear before you commit to each half-termly block. We welcome support from home and the selected chapters for home reading can be read with an adult if needed.

What are the benefits of your child joining Read It! Children’s Book Club?

First and foremost, Read It! Children’s Book Club is all about reading for pleasure and celebrating and enjoying a diverse range of books that your child might not necessarily have chosen themselves.  Along the way, we hope your child will grow in confidence, improve their reading and comprehension skills, broaden their knowledge and vocabulary, and cultivate their creativity and imagination. Through informal book chat, they will be developing their speaking and listening skills, their critical thinking and their ability to confidently express their views and opinions. 

Reading for pleasure is a key indicator of a child’s future success and life chances and it is central to developing emotional intelligence, empathy and cultural awareness. It also has proven benefits for mental health and well-being, Above all, we hope to nurture life-long readers!