The welfare and safety of all the children at Read it! Children’s Book Club and their enjoyment of each session is of the utmost importance. Please take the time to read the following information.

Health and Safety

  • Mary Ferrier, the Read It! Children’s Book Club leader has an enhanced DBS certificate and an up-to-date first aid certificate.
  • A first-aid kit is on site.
  • Read It! Children’s Book Club has a strict NO NUTS policy. Please do not bring any food or drinks containing nuts to the session.
  • Please inform us when booking if your child has any allergies -   biscuits and squash/water will be provided at each session.
  • Please inform us when booking if your child has any medical or learning condition, disability, additional needs or anything which may require special attention.
  • Read It! Children’s Book Club has the right to request that children who are unwell be collected to prevent risk of infection to other children and adults.
  • Any disruptive, disrespectful or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated towards the book club leader, book shop staff or other members of the book club and Read It! Children’s Book Club has the right to exclude any children from book club meetings without refund.
  • All fire and safety procedures and other regulations and notices relating to our venue, Chapter 34, must be adhered to.
  • All children must be dropped off and picked up directly from the book club leader by a responsible adult of 16 years or over. The book club leader must be informed of any changes to usual drop off/pick up arrangements.

Privacy and use of cameras

  • Read It! Children’s Book Club complies with applicable UK Data Protection Laws with respect to any personal information gathered by us relating to you or your child (for example as a result of you using the website, to make enquiries or bookings, or for registration purposes).
  • The use of cameras (or those on mobile phones or smart watches) is not allowed, except with our express permission.
  • Photographs may be taken during the sessions for promotional reasons, to go on the website gallery and for use on social media. These will not be used without your permission, as stated on signed photo consent form.

Personal Property

  • Read It! Children’s Book Club will not be liable for the loss or damage to personal property brought into book club meetings at Chapter 34.