The Boy Who Met a Whale, book cover

Razi, a local fisherboy, is watching turtle eggs hatch when he sees a boat bobbing in to view. With a chill, he notices a small, still hand hanging over the side…inside is Zheng, who’s escaped a shipwreck and is full of tales of sea monsters and missing treasure. But the villains who are after Zheng are soon after Razi and his sister, Shifa, too. And so begins an exhilarating escapade in the shadow of the biggest sea monster of them all.

The Boy who Met a Whale by Nizrana Farook

Suitable for readers aged 8+

A thrilling adventure set in fictional Sri Lanka, jam-packed with peril and kidnap, heart-felt friendship and a huge blue whale!

4 June 2024, 3:30pm
11 June 2024, 3:30pm
18 June 2024, 3:30pm
25 June 2024, 3:30pm
2 July 2024, 3:30pm
9 July 2024, 3:30pm
The Land of Roar book cover

Believing is just the beginning …

When Arthur and Rose were little, they were heroes in the Land of Roar, an imaginary world that they found by climbing through the folding bed in their grandad’s attic. Roar was filled with things they loved – flying dragons, magical mermaids, ninja wizards and adventure.

Now the twins are eleven, Roar is just a memory. But when they help Grandad clean out the attic, a mysterious figure appears at the window, an old map turns up and grandad vanishes.. Is Grandad playing a joke? Or is Roar … real? 

The Land of Roar by Jenny Mclachlan

Suitable for readers aged 8+

The Land of Roar is the first book in the beautifully illustrated Roar trilogy. It is full of humour and celebrates the power of the imagination and finding the greatest adventures in the most ordinary of places!

16 April 2024, 3:30pm
23 April 2024, 3:30pm
30 April 2024, 3:30pm
7 May 2024, 3:30pm
14 May 2024, 3:30pm
21 May 2024, 3:30pm
The Last Bear book cover

There are no polar bears left on Bear Island. At least that’s what April’s father tells her when his scientific research takes them to this remote Arctic outpost for six months. But one endless summer night, April meets one. He is starving, lonely and a long way from home. Determined to save him, April begins the most important journey of her life…

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

Suitable for readers aged 8+

The Last Bear is a moving story that shows that no-one is too young or insignificant to make a difference. A celebration of the love between a human and an animal, this is an incredible adventure with a heart as big as a bear’s!

20 February 2024, 3:30pm
27 February 2024, 3:30pm
5 March 2024, 3:30pm
12 March 2024, 3:30pm
19 March 2024, 3:30pm
26 March 2024, 3:30pm
Escape Room by Christopher Edge book cover.

When twelve-year-old Ami arrives at The Escape, she thinks it's just a game – the ultimate escape room with puzzles and challenges to beat before time runs out. Meeting her teammates, Adjoa, Ibrahim, Oscar and Min, Ami learns from the Host that they have been chosen to save the world and they must work together to find the Answer. But as he locks them inside the first room, they quickly realise this is no ordinary game.

For this half term, we will be looking at Escape Room by Christopher Edge.

Suitable for readers aged 9+

A fun game of puzzle-solving and ingenuity becomes a thrilling fantastical adventure with the fate of the world at stake in Escape Room, our next read at Read It! Children’s Book Club

9 January 2024, 3:30pm
16 January 2024, 3:30pm
23 January 2024, 3:30pm
30 January 2024, 3:30pm
6 February 2024, 3:30pm
Malamander book cover

Nobody visits Eerie-on-Sea in the winter. Especially not when darkness falls and the wind howls around Maw Rocks and the wreck of the battleship Leviathan, where even now some swear they have seen the unctuous Malamander creep…

For this half term we will be looking at Malamander by Thomas Taylor.

Suitable for readers aged 9+

Malamander will be the very first book to be shared at Read It! Children’s Book Club and what a fantastic choice it is! Prepare to transport yourself from Shoreham-by-Sea to the mysterious Eerie-on Sea in this incredible, best-selling story from Sussex-based author, Thomas Taylor.

31 October 2023, 3:30pm
7 November 2023, 3:30pm
14 November 2023, 3:30pm
21 November 2023, 3:30pm
28 November 2023, 3:30pm
5 December 2023, 3:30pm